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The world has changed rapidly. People turn to believe in science, modern technology, and capitalism.

Whereas their minds are still clouded by defilements, suffering, and expectations as well as struggling with unpleasant emotions. In the modern technological society, technological diseases have appeared.

The diseases such as Computer vision syndrome, and Cervical syndrome associate with excessive work at the computer or prolonged sitting. Alongside physical problems as vision disorder, neck pain, and headaches, some mental illnesses such as impulse control disorders are also the problems caused by technology addiction.

Meanwhile, many people in the Western world have concerned that capitalism and technology are not the real solutions. They realize that scientific approaches help to solve just physical problems but not soul.

Thus they have switched on to the Buddha teaching, and mental practice.

The Dhamma of the Buddha is modern because it is always able to be applied any time by people of all nationalities, all languages, and all religions.

Thus the book “Happiness is Just at Your Own Nostrils; Bilingual edition” was written with the aim to be an alternative cure for mental illness caused by civilization. It has been used as a successful remedial treatment to improve mental psychological well- being. Do practice mental and prove the benefits of the Buddha teaching now, before it is faded away influenced by capitalism. “Yours faithfully” Phramaha Wichian Chinawangso End of Buddhist Lent, 2017

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