VPS Alma Linux using Webuzo Pa…

VPS Alma Linux using Webuzo Panel. I require assistance with the following: Please note: You need to know how to use Webuzo panel.

Firewall needs to be configured.

Email and Smpt always fails on our WordPress websites. Our configuration is not correct.

SSL for panel and email login is not configured properly.

A) For example to login to our Panel we use https://154.56.xx.xxx:2005/ which is not secure.

B) We would like an address like: panel.website.network SSL protected.

Same with email for example: mail.website.com

It looks like our ports are not secure. We need to secure specific ports connected with the domain or in-built it within the VPS configurations.

If you know anyone that can help kindly let me know.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x