The Instant Benefit of Pattanu…

The Instant Benefit of Pattanumoda

I remember listening to the Venerable in Thailand and he mentioned how important it was to remember our parents and offer and share the merit gained with them. The feeling is that it is good to practice happiness and rejoicing when someone does something wholesome because such a state is hard to come by these days. It’s good to decrease envy and jealousy by delighting in the good characteristics that people practice to embody. Something in the heart rejoices and it smiles just hearing or reading a good story. Why so? Possibly because we can ask ourselves, “That is interesting, so wonderful that they can do it, maybe I can too.” 

I remembered this is how one intelligent young man exclaimed when he reflected on other’s success. He smiled with rejoice for their achievement and it encouraged him to strive for the experiences that he wanted because he saw that others could do it, why not he. He was a special young man, who always tried to be a better version of himself, and he really admired his father. When he spoke of his father his face would light up and he would just be so happy. I thought it wonderful that he has such happiness and gratitude for his parents. In his mind, his dad is the coolest person. Love is a powerful thing. 

Though my parents are deceased, I hope that as I try out what the Venerable suggest for meditation and such, that I remember my parents and share the deeds with them. It is because of them that I won this lotto to live in the time that the Buddha’s teachings are available.

I hope that this entry reminds anyone who is reading it of our short time here– which is 100 human days that of a deva day. To have within us a sense of urgency to also aim to experience the fruits that lead up to Arahatship. Some people wish for celestial deva loka rebirth. I wish for this human life to know what is that Arhat– he lives as an embodiment of a Devi/Deva in human form. Whatever you wish for… may you be safe, happy, and free from suffering. May all beings be free from suffering, healthy, and prosperous. 




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