Italia Project refunds Dear Fr…

Italia Project refunds
Dear Friends. Regarding the donations to the ‘Italia Project’ Givesendgo has agreed to refund the donations back to donors. Minus fees (unfortunately). below please find their last communication to Leonardo. Leonardo just recently saw this response even though it was from July.
Leonardo has assured me that he will confirm closing the project and request that all donors be refunded. I personally apologise for the amount of time this has taken.
 Here is the response:
Re: Close campaign

GiveSendGo Support
22 lug alle ore 17:02
Hi Leonardo,

This is Summer from GiveSendGo. I am stepping in for the last few agents. I’m glad to help you today!
I understand that things have changed, and you’d like to refund all of your campaign’s donors. No worries, we can help with that!
Here’s a quick run-through of what this means:
Once we start the refund process, we can’t stop it or reverse it. This means your campaign will come to an end and the refunds can’t be undone once they’re processed.
Upon completion of the refunds, all donation data associated with your campaign will be removed. To keep a copy for your records, please head over to your campaign dashboard, choose ‘Campaign Data’ > ‘Donation Reports’, then select the fields you want to export and hit ‘Export to CSV’.
We don’t charge an extra fee for refunds, but the original processing fees (2.7% + $0.30 per donation) won’t be returned. So, donors will get back their donation amount minus these fees.
If you’re okay with all of this, please reply to this email with “I confirm” and we’ll get started.
We’re here to help you, so feel free to reply to this email if you have any other questions.
Thank you for choosing GiveSendGo and we wish you all the best!

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