Hello Sponsor group! Budget fo…

Hello Sponsor group!
Budget for 2024
We hired a Technician to help us for this budget. It was much needed.
Our budget Total for 2024 is $569


Server Side
Hiring a Freelancer technician to complete the following:
  • Server DNS configuration
  • Server security and Firewall
  • Functional email
  • Total for Technician $180
  • VPS hosting $130 yearly (due June 2024)
  • Webuzo licence $60? (Due June 2023)
Mark and I did what we could do. It wasn’t good enough. Now the server is roaring. Keep in mind though we have a low budget plan.
Cost $390 US
Website side
  • Domain names: n/a for 2024. Paid with 2023 fundraiser.
  • Plugins.
  • Pro Security $50 (Due December 2023)
  • Membership $79 (Due Now)
  • Video Gallery $50 (Due Now)
Cost $179

Total cost $569 for 2024.

I think for what we have achieved this is a more than reasonable budget.

Goal for 2024
Create a video conferencing platform
Minimal Total Cost $450 US
  • Technician cost $180-450 US
  • New VPS server hosting approx $150 US (yearly)
  • at the moment using a minimal server at €66 yearly.

Fundraiser in April/May 2024.

Thank you.
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